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Frequently asked questions

 What is the Legislation?

As from the 1st October 2008, landlords will be required to provide tenants with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) at the point of new rental.

 How long does it last?

10 years. After that period it will need to be renewed.

 Why has the legislation been introduced? 

Given the UK Governments support of the Kyoto Protocol and its challenge to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption attributable to buildings is a key policy.

 What do I have to do as a Landlord?

Order an EPC as required and make it available to your tenants.

 What is an EPC?

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) grades the energy efficiency of a property on a scale fro A-G. The main part of the EPC takes the form of a chart setting out the properties energy efficiency and environmental impact.

 Can I do my own EPC?

No. The EPC must be carried out by a licensed and accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA).

 Does the survey disrupt or create damage to the property?

No. The inspection is completely visual and records various types of information about the house including construction, age, glazing, heating, fuel type, etc. This information is then used to calculate the energy efficiency using a government appointed computer software program.

 What does the report tell me?

  • The current and potential CO2 emissions of the property.
  • Estimated running costs to heat and light the property.
  • Recommendations for improvements.
  • Improvement cost indicators.

 Is it only Landlords that need to comply with this legislation?

No. All property; residential, commercial or industrial will need to comply to the new regulations.

 How long does a survey take?

On average the survey should take approximately half an hour depending on the size and layout of the property.

 Do dwellings in multiple occupation require an EPC?

An EPC is only required for a dwelling that is self-contained. Therefore, where individual rooms in a building are rented out under separate agreements, and there are shared facilities (e.g. kitchen and/or bathroom), an EPC is not required. If the entire property is to be let under one agreement, an EPC will be required for the whole dwelling.

 What about student halls of residence. Will they require an EPC?

No. These properties are exempt and do not require an EPC.

 What do I do with the report once it is completed?

Make copies of the report available to your existing / prospective tenants.

 I currently have a tenant in my rented property; do I need an EPC?

No. The EPC is only required at the point of new rental. However, given that the certificate lasts for ten years most landlords are commissioning the EPC prior to 1st October deadline.


 How quickly do i need a EPC for Marketing or Letting?

For marketing it is a legal obligation to produce one within 7 days. For Renting it is required before marketing can take place.

 What happens if I do not do anything?

The government will be issuing fines if Landlords do not comply with the legislation. Currently this will be a £200 fixed penalty per dwelling.

 Do I have to complete the improvements to the property in the EPC?

No. The Landlord is under no legal obligation to carryout the improvements identified within the EPC.

 How quickly can an EPC be completed?

Most reports are generated the same day as the inspection and are available within 24-48 hrs. For large portfolios we can provide a programme of work.

 If I make improvements to the property do I need a new EPC?

No. The EPC lasts for 10 years; however it may be of benefit to you to acquire a new EPC to show your tenants that your property has a more energy efficient rating. If you require a survey on a property that has already been inspected by us we are may be able to offer you a reduced rate.

 Will I have to issue an EPC if I have a Lodger in my house?

No, an EPC is not required when letting a room within your house.


 Will an EPC be needed for holiday accommodation?

An EPC is not required for a short term holiday let as it is not usually considered a "Tenancy". However, one could be issued if desired.

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