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Complaints Procedure



We would seek to immediately address and resolve any initial complaint by telephone, email or in person. If you are unhappy with this we would ask that you please put the complaint in writing. We will then acknowledge your complaint in writing within 7 days, and we will offer a resolution within say 21 days.

If you are dissatisfied with our offer to resolve the matter, the complaint will be escalated to the Accreditation Scheme. Please be aware that you can escalate your complaint to the scheme at any time and you are at no time deprived of their legal rights. Complaints that are escalated to the Scheme are logged by the Scheme and dealt with in accordance with the complaints procedure set out in the Scheme Document and the Scheme Complaints Procedure.

We will notify the Accreditation Scheme of any complaint we receive with details of the outcome if we were able to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. We will also keep a history of each complaint which will be made available to the scheme on request.

Where this complaints process does not resolve your complaint it will be referred to the Independent Appeal Panel which will consist of three members of the Elmhurst Energy Systems Certification Governing Body or subsidiary Boards who:

have not been directly involved in the decision under appeal andhave no direct interest in the decision.

These procedures will be accessible and available at no cost at the point of access to customers and, where appropriate, provide effective redress.

Address of our accrediting body:-

Elmhurst Energy Systems

Unit 16, St Johns Business Park, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4HB  Tel:  08700 850490

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